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Unique Decorative items for Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years
Featuring LED Tree Toppers, unique Christmas ornaments and items for other holiday occasions.

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A Little Christmas History
Christmas has its roots not only in Christianity, but also in traditional winter solstice celebrations. In northern Europe, people brought live evergreens into their homes to remind themselves that the growing season was approaching. On Yule, the shortest day of the year, they lit the Yule log to welcome the sun back into their lives. Other celebrations similarly revolved around fire, the return of light, and revelry in general.

In the fourth century AD, Pope Julius I declared that Christmas would be observed on December 25. His choice of date made it easier for pagan converts to commemorate the birth of their lord without entirely giving up their own traditions. Today, Christians all over the world regard Christmas as one of the holiest days of the year, celebrating by attending Mass, exchanging cards and gifts, and spending time with family.

We have searched far and wide to bring you a selection of the most desirable Christmas Ornaments available.

Our Star of Bethlehem LED Christmas Tree Topper is 11.25 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide. The star of Bethlehem LED star tree topper is clear plastic with LED?s on the inside. The LED lights change between five different colors continuously.

LED Star Bethlehem Tree Topper

We have also found the hottest Retro Christmas Tree Topper on the Web, Similar to the original Bradford 1950's Celestial Tree Topper only with more reliable drum unit and lite! Topper Projects flickering multi colored lights from a motor driven cylinder using an easy to replace Halogen bulb that can purchased at any Hardware, Lowe?s or Home Depot. THIS TOPPER IS NOT A BRADFORD

LED Star Tree Topper

This Nostalgic Color Changing Lighted Star Tree Top can be used as tree top or table piece! New in box, opened just to test. This treasured keepsake was introduced decades ago and is now recreated so you can have a nostalgic spirit during your Holiday Season. 13" high A product of Kurt Adler featuring Old World Craftsmanship. INDOOR USE ONLY

Retro Color Changing Star Tree Topper

We have one authentic Original Bradford Star Motion Light Tree Topper. If you have been looking for an original Bradford Celestial Star Motion Light Tree Topper in perfect and complete condition with the original box this Topper is for you. No signs of damage, cracks, chips, fading dirt or dust.

Real Bradford Vintage Spinner Tree Topper